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Beyond Reality: Unveiling the Cosmic Melody of Alexandra Grounds' Art

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Beyond Reality: Unveiling the Cosmic Melody of Alexandra Grounds' Art

In the realm of art, certain artists possess a rare talent, capable of transporting viewers into realms of fantasy where colors dance with emotions and brushstrokes weave intricate tales of wonder. Among these artists stands Alexandra Grounds, an American oil painter, who, with every brushstroke, beckons us to journey beyond the confines of reality and into a domain where imagination reigns supreme. From the galloping of a horse in iridescent technicolor to the enigmatic gaze of an astronaut woman, lost in space, Grounds' works are infused with her personal experiences and a shared human narrative.

Lonely Out in Space (2023). 18" x 24". Oil on Canvas.

Grounds' intimate relationship with art began to bloom during her teenage years, catalyzed by the TV series "Gossip Girl." The glitzy and glamorous world depicted on screen introduced her to the captivating oil paintings that would leave an indelible mark on her. It was amidst this visual feast that she encountered the mesmerizing works of Richard Phillips, the artist behind the pictures portrayed in the show. The story of their meeting remains a whispered secret between the stars. Grounds dove headfirst into the gritty realm of art, collaborating closely with her idol amidst the urban intensity of the concrete jungle—an unforgettable summer, engraved forever in her soul.

Through her art, Grounds seeks to encapsulate the essence of individuals and the emotions they embody. Each brushstroke delves deep into the human soul, extending an invitation to partake in the joys and complexities of life.

"When I paint portraits, it's about the person and what I find to be the most powerful and beautiful parts of them."

Now based in New York, a city teeming with myriad stories and lives, it's no surprise that an artist enamored with humanity can weave a tapestry of ecstatic colors.

It's Getting Harder to Discern Reality From Dream (2023). 30" x 40". Oil on Canvas.

Amidst the city's chaos, Grounds discovers solace in the serene landscapes of Montana, reconnecting with nature and a former life she led before immersing herself in the urban sprawl. Her Western series pays homage to her upbringing on an Arizona ranch, capturing the tenderness and euphoria that accompanies bonding with horses—an awe-inspiring creature embodying the spiritual essence of nobility, independence, and freedom. With candid sincerity, she remarks, "I think horseback riding is the most liberating feeling in the world."

Yet, her true passion lies in people and their narratives, cherishing those rare encounters that etch themselves into memory like stardust in the cosmos after a supernova's explosion. Grounds' art becomes a celebration of life's enchanting surprises and the beauty held within the present moment. Her canvas immortalizes the threads of humanity, leading us on a voyage of wonder and connection. Her artwork seamlessly fuses Western influences, melding her ranch experiences with the urban vibrancy of NYC, resulting in a harmonious confluence of disparate lives converging.

Alexandra Grounds' paintings radiate with a masterful technique that's impossible to overlook. Her creations are intrinsically tied to significant places, imbued with the essence these places exude; whether it's the diverse landscapes of Montana, the poignant electricity of New York, or the comforting solitude of Arizona. "It's all desert. I'm from a really small town next to the Mexico border, with wild coyotes and snakes everywhere," she recalls. However, it's not solely about the destinations or the final products, but also the impressions, creatures, fond memories, and untamed vegetation—the very lungs and hearts of places. Grounds' art serves as an ethereal journey through the splendor of life's unforeseen moments and the connections that make it all magical and meaningful.

As Alexandra Grounds continues her journey as a young female artist, she fearlessly confronts the persistent shadows of self-doubt with an unwavering passion. In her own words, "I think the biggest challenge has just been the same thing over and over again, which is I don't necessarily feel like I'm always taken seriously when I'm working with art galleries or art dealers. I think it’s because I’m young... I'm 24, but I started professionally when I was 18." The drive to create art often springs from the crucible of struggle—a battle to find a space where one's voice can resound. Grounds is no stranger to this.

Within the sweep of her brush, we glimpse a world mirroring her own—a world where colors metamorphose into emotions and the mundane intertwines with the extraordinary. As we traverse her canvases, she offers us a gift—the chance to surrender to the enchanting magic in her paintings, embracing the escapism that art provides. To contemplate and appreciate those unexpected moments that we all encounter when we're surrounded by new people or a new experience, and not lose ourselves in manufactured worldly accomplishments, that can act as the ultimate distraction of a world of beauty and truth. Moments that we should never let elude us, for even on the journey back home after a day of work, when the sun has set and weariness lingers, the potential to witness a night-blooming morning glory remains.

The Ceremony (2023). 24" x 24". Oil on Canvas.

Up next, Grounds will be showcasing her upcoming exhibition titled "Stay Lost With Me”, from September 14-18th at 89 Crosby Street, NY. The exploration of human relationships, city life, ancestral influences, and empowerment through the arts will reveal themselves in all their colors. Don't miss the chance to immerse yourself in the magic she creates through her unwavering creative spirit.

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