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All Street Gallery: From the Streets of New York City

Jara Lopez Sastre Painting
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All Street Gallery: From the Streets of New York City

All Street is an alternative art gallery in the East Village focused on exhibiting the works of emerging and underrepresented artists. The gallery has its foundation as an artist collective and grassroots protest group that formed in 2018, organizing public art activations at significant locations across New York City, such as Washington Square Park, Union Square, McCarren Park, Time Square, among others. At their activations, large scale collaborative paintings would be made with the invitation of the general public to contribute. Many of the pieces made at these activations are in the permanent collections of the Museum of the City of New York, the New-York Historical Society, and the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts (MoCADA). During the summer of 2022, the works of the All Street collective were featured in an immersive exhibition on Governors’ Island at MoCADA’s Abolition House. All Street continued organizing pop-up exhibitions, activations, and workshops throughout New York City until finding its home in the spring of 2022 at 77 East Third Street in the former clubhouse of the famed Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club. 

Saints and Sinners by India English, October 2022.

All Street has provided the opportunity for various local artists to have their first solo exhibitions in New York City. Being mission driven and artist run, All Street prioritizes the creative integrity of the artists they work with and building collaborative relationships. This demonstrated care has allowed for truly unique and groundbreaking exhibitions to be shown at All Street, as executed in line with the artist’s unfiltered vision and intent. Imaginative and experimental installations and works have been shown at All Street, and their constant rotation of edgy and thought provoking exhibitions has established the new gallery as an arbiter of New York’s underground art scene. 

A Room With a View by Sammy Bennet, November 2022.

In line with All Street’s motivation to challenge and disrupt the conventions of the fine art world, the gallery's programming extends beyond traditional visual art exhibitions. The All Street curatorial team pairs exhibitions with a diverse bevy of nightly programs that broadens the scope of art and opens the All Street community to a wider network of creatives. Such programming has included acoustic musical performances, spoken word poetry showcases, experimental fashion shows, as well as various other creative endeavors that seek to bring new audiences into the space. With the intimate and welcoming setting of All Street, the often disjointed creative networks of New York City can convene in a physical location that encourages creative exchanges. Opening on the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic and widespread digital fatigue, the small gallery has become a hotbed for collaboration with artists from across mediums getting the chance to interact with new people face to face and forge new relationships. 

Darling Child by Abe The Kid, November 2022.
Ceramics by Catie Curry, November 2022.

Following in the month of June and in celebration with pride month, multimedia artists and NYU Tisch professors, Eden Chinn and Blair Simmons are curating a group exhibition entitled Queer Knowing. The exhibition is about the process of continuous and seemingly endless discovery that can be at once radically painful yet liberatory and seeks to articulate the tensions between the aloneness of solitary queer journeys and the community that comes from that journey. Queer Knowing will be on view from June 3rd - 30th at All Street NYC and will have an extensive schedule of weekend events and programming in relation to theme.  

On All Fours by Emma Kanne, April 2023.
Orbits by Darrell Santana, April 2022.


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From the 23rd - 25th of May, All Street Gallery will present the upcoming debut of Dutch artist Emma Steensma and her first solo show in the US, curated by independent curator Will Wilson under the umbrella of Balloonapuddin. Join us at All Street Gallery in New York City on May 23rd for the exclusive opening, followed by two days of captivating artwork. This exhibition will showcase the artist's unique vision and creative expression, offering art enthusiasts a chance to discover her remarkable talent. ONLYCHILD will be exclusively covering this event, capturing the essence of Emma Steensma's artistry through our lens. More information to come on our Instagram.