From City Kudu to Lorenzo Geary: Unveiling a Newfound Voice

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From City Kudu to Lorenzo Geary: Unveiling a Newfound Voice

Lorenzo Geary finds his voice with the release of his introductory single ‘Time or Place’, a self-produced song completed in Geary’s home studio. Needing an escape from the daily graft, Geary spent his downtime laying the foundations to this new project. Entwining his passion for poetry, Geary realised the capabilities of words to work within the architecture of his sonics. Familiar with the process of making music and having previously released dance music; this single now marries the merger between that knowledge and present introspection, lyricism and melody. With reflective lyrics that are delicate to grasp, the meaning is not given intuitively and the listener is allowed to lose themselves within the words, which is aided by the dub rhythm, the sirens that insert themselves into the subconscious to which these sounds secretly speak. Driven by percussion, the breaks and the high hats provide a complete sound that drives the song forwards, driving it further into every crevice of your ears. Geary stays true to his creative identity through having control over the entirety of the musical process, having created a project that is singularly honest, sincere and entirely reflective of his nature.  

TM: Where are you from? And, why music?

LG: I’m a producer and singer-songwriter from Kilburn, North-West London. Making music has always been the centre point of my life and has helped me through thick and thin. I’m not really sure what I would do without it.

TM: What has influenced your music, whether it be fellow musicians, family, artists, personal experiences or even environmentally through being in London?

LG: I grew up around music. My mum played Soul, R&B, Garage, Lovers Rock and Rare Groove around the house growing up, and we would always have a little dance. My dad was more into the post-punk, new wave, and dance music scenes. My Auntie is UK house music (Acid House) pioneer MC Kinky; she got me DJing and making dance music from 9 or 10, but I started making my own productions at 14. She has also really helped throughout the process of making my demo, so I owe a lot to her. I feel like my main musical inspirations in my production come from dub, which I try to incorporate into all of my songs, no matter the sound or feel. Also film, day to day emotions, interactions, and London itself affect what I make a lot. 

TM: I’ve listened to your work under the alias, City Kudu – what instigated the shift to songwriting and a different sonic direction?

LG: I have been making experimental electronic dance music for years now and felt like I wanted to express myself in another way. I have always found beauty in sound design and drum processing, but I felt like writing was really the next step for me. I’ve been sober for two years now, and feel like I’ve had a lot to get off my chest that I couldn’t express through City Kudu. I found myself listening to bands/artists I used to play when I was younger; Dirty Beaches, James Blake, Björk, The Cure, The Modern Art, Mount Kimbie, Madmadmad, and Iwrotehaikusaboutcannibalisminyouryearbook are a few examples. All these artists produce their own work, which is massive to me.

It came quite naturally; I was writing a lot of poems and thought, ‘why not turn them into tunes?’ I dusted off my bass guitar, synth, old microphone, and started messing around, eventually finding my vocal tone. I was shit scared, scared to show anyone my first song, as no one had heard me sing before… apart from maybe a shower song or two. 

TM: Does your newer work exist as a continuation, yet a superseding of your previous work or do you intend to keep and continue both projects as separate entities? 

LG: I wouldn’t say it’s a continuation, moreso a new avenue I want to explore. City Kudu is not dead aha. I plan to keep writing experimental dance music; I just needed a break, and I’m glad I did because this wouldn’t have happened. Adding elements from my dance music into Lorenzo Geary makes it exciting for me, as I want the sound to be as personal as possible. 

TM: Can you run me through the process of creating this single – ‘Time Or Place’? How did it come together; from writing, to recording and post-production? The single was mastered by Bruce, an artist I myself admire – how did that come about?

LG: I record every song in my small home studio in Ladbroke Grove. I’ve almost always started with the bass or main synth line, then added the drums that I programmed myself. I wanted them to sound as live as possible so I spent a long time processing them (he laughs to himself, possibly remembering those long hours.) I then hummed out the main melody and wrote the track. Sometimes I write ahead of time but in this case, I had the concept in my head so I wrote it as I went along. I then played all the dubby spatial guitar parts – minimal amounts of dub in tracks get me going, no matter the genre. You can’t beat a good old Punk/Dub crossover, so I always want to keep that going throughout my own work.

Regarding Bruce, I met him at a rave my girlfriend was doing set design for. We have been in contact since and have a lot of mutual friends. Top guy, he’s lovely and an amazing producer. 

TM: What does the song ‘Time Or Place’ mean to you? What inspired that particular song?

LG: The track means a lot to me. It’s coming from a vulnerable place and is my introduction to the world. I’d like the audience to have their own opinions on what the song is about; sometimes, the mystery can ruin the reality. I personally know what the song is about, but will keep that to myself. Nevertheless, it’s not what one may think. I feel music or art isn’t meant to be black or white, it can speak for itself and can be up for interpretation.

TM: What was the decision to release ‘Time Or Place’ as your first single? Is there something about the song that lends itself as a first release? Do you feel it encapsulates the broadness and depth of your sound?

LG: I felt it was a solid introduction track to display my sound. There’s a bit of Punk, Dub, Indie and that upside down electronic experimental outro at the end, which is very Mad Professor inspired by the way I processed the bass, he’s a genius. I can’t wait to put out more tunes, but thought this would be a nice introduction into my little world and show what’s to come.

TM: How important is the music video aspect to your project, the visual representation of your sound? Is it something you’re involved with?

LG: Film and visuals are very important to me. I am very hands on during the production and post-production process. The aesthetics have to be spot on. The artist Lily Purbrick smashed it with the animation, so we’ll definitely be working together on upcoming projects.

TM: What can your listeners expect in the future regarding further releases, live shows, etc?

LG: There’s a lot more to come. I’ve got loads of tracks that I can’t wait to share, and ideas I’m looking forward to putting in motion. I feel like the possibilities are endless. I want to make sure every song is different from the last and that they all have their own story and integrity, while still maintaining it’s cohesion. I’d like to explore different sounds, genres, instrumentation, and feel. 

Live shows are also in the works so stay tuned for the first gigs and tunes to come.

Lorenzo Geary has found himself within a tradition that was born out of London – a distinct sound that arises from the multitude of influences available in the shadows underneath the city skyline. An artist whose voice that is now found, he’ll only grow in becoming a mouthpiece for the experiences that are common to those who dwell in cities all over, offering itself for both those quiet moments of necessary distraction by sounds which serve to silence all other noise. Yet, at the same time, these are the songs that come from the anthems, those memories out and active which you and your friends cherish. Expect more to come from Lorenzo Geary, and I suggest listening along when it does. 

Lorenzo’s new single “Time or Place” is out now – listen to his new single here.

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