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Lucas Lovejoy Unveils "Resurrect": An Artist’s Journey

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Lucas Lovejoy Unveils "Resurrect": An Artist’s Journey

Artist Lucas Lovejoy has returned to the spotlight with an exhibition titled "Resurrect” at All Street Gallery, from September 8th - 15th. After a year-long hiatus, Lovejoy presents an array of artworks that delve into themes of spirituality, redemption, and connection. In an interview speaking with ONLYCHILD, Lovejoy shares his inspiration, creative process, and aspirations behind the exhibition. "Resurrect" stands as a testament to Lovejoy's personal growth and artistic evolution. The title itself encapsulates the essence of his journey – a reawakening. 

“I feel like an artist who has come back from the dead.  The works I am showing come from a place of deep prayer, worship, and meditation. Months of contemplation and silence have produced these works, all based on stories from the Bible.”
The King Approaches (on the Horse of Victory), 2023. 4.5 x 2.75 ft. Oil on Canvas.

Lovejoy's creative process for "Resurrect" was marked by introspection. He tapped into his emotions and thoughts, translating them onto the canvas. The result is a series of artworks that are not only visually striking but also deeply soulful. But bringing "Resurrect" to fruition was not without its challenges. 

“I underwent an experience that left me risk averse, needing time to re-organize my life. During this break, I took ample time to hone myself.”

Lovejoy openly shares his struggle with vulnerability, as each piece in the collection is a personal expression of his inner journey. With "Resurrect," Lovejoy aims to create a sense of connection – a bridge between the spiritual and the material, the ancient and the contemporary. 

He invites viewers to reflect on their own spiritual paths, fostering moments of introspection and curiosity.

 “The purpose of this show is to awaken a yearning towards the spiritual realm for the reductive materialist, and to show the presence of God to all who desire to look.”
The Resurrection of Dry Bones, 2023. 24 x 36 in. Latex Paint on Found Wood.

Looking beyond the exhibition, Lovejoy envisions new series that continue to delve into various facets of faith and the human experience. For Lovejoy, the journey as an artist is an ongoing one, with each creation building upon the last. As viewers immerse themselves in the exhibit, they are invited to share in Lovejoy's journey of self-discovery.

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