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Co-Directors Darius Rubin and Yoshiya Yamamoto on "The Fool"

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Co-Directors Darius Rubin and Yoshiya Yamamoto on "The Fool"

“The Fool”, (2022) dir. Darius Rubin and Yoshiya Yamamoto, officially selected at the New York Shorts International Film Festival, ends with the tag: “Made in New York City.”

Made in New York City, and for New York City.

There is no Times Square, no Fifth Avenue, and no Empire State Building, yet the energy of the city captured in “the Fool”, across three boroughs, is just as visceral and strong despite the lack of landmarks. It is ever-present throughout the picture. We notice its coldness, its empty streets, and how lonesome this city can make one feel. Alternatively, we see energy, dynamism and its effects, on the way lessons about ourselves are both lived and learned.

“The Fool” opens with a quote by Carl Jung, stating - “The fool is the precursor to the savior.”

As the short unfolds, we bear witness to an all too familiar sight: in the process of growing up, a young man is desperate for connection, but is blatantly taken advantage of by the very people he seeks approval from. The young man’s visible desperation inevitably brings about feelings of dissatisfaction and isolation.

When one gives so freely, isn’t it obvious that others will just take?

With the objective of creating a story inspired by human connection and relationships, dir. Rubin and Yamamoto discusses their perspectives on relationships in the 21st century. “They are designed to be easier to foster and maintain, with the increase in connectivity, yet it appears that people feel more alone than ever – without the ability to be honest about the way we feel, not even to closest friends. As we all know, the weak finish last. Too embarrassed to voice, and too worried to be perceived as weak, we let our frustrations and insecurities out in other ways. By placing our definitions of self in the hands of others, no matter how close we think we are to people, we’ll always be chasing something foreign and unnatural, falling short and unhappy.”

As the short unfolds further, we realize the young man is the “Fool”, by placing his self-validation in the hands of others. He’s foolish that he feels others' opinions count more than his own.

By suffering humiliation, the “Fool” - a naive soul like the young man, someone who is not prepared for the harsh reality of the world will either learn or remain hopeless. Only by learning and retaining one’s true intentions can the “fool” become the “savior.”

“The Fool” is the first collaborative work between Rubin and Yamamoto, who will continue to work together on multiple projects set to release at the end of the year.

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