‘Asa Nisi Masa’, a phrase that has no real meaning, comes from Fedrico Fellini’s 1963 surrealist film or Otto e mezzo. Inspired by this, fashion designer Rossella Coppola realised a unique collection that pays tribute to the female characters and actresses in the film. A vibrant and chromatic photographic series is then captured by Giorgia Bisanti, showcasing colors in a way the original black and white film could not. Adorned with delicate flowers on her head, the model is pictured roaming freely around a large estate, past palm trees and pools, bathing in luxury. The bold crimson color strikes us immediately, featuring in several parts of the garments, in her headpiece and also on her shoes, contrasting to the azure sky background. Whilst encapsulating the grunge of a retro aesthetic, there is also a digital clarity to Giorgia’s images which highlights exquisite details in both the model’s expressions and the dress’s composition. Everything about this series is bold: the adventurousness and the vibrancy, seemingly intentional yet all care-free.

Photographer: Giorgia Bisanti / @giorgia_bisanti_photography

Model: Ludovica Borriello / @_ludalu

Fashion Designer: Rossella Coppola / @asanisimasarc