Artist: Debra Wright

Our relentless pursuit for physical perfection as defined by others begins at birth. From infancy we are bombarded by images of the unattainable and respond by plastering and injecting ourselves with hazardous substances. We become willing participants in an array of injurious practices attempting to achieve this ideal projected upon us. As we perm, bleach, wax, wave, lift, nip, binge, and purge, we convey agreement that our value is lacking and signify that it is acceptable to define us solely on the basis of external appearances. This cycle continues only until such time when we are able to notice our own inherent value and realize we need only look inward to assess it.

Debra Wright is a multidisciplinary artist residing in Northern Virginia. Her work has been exhibited internationally in traditional venues but has also appeared in renegade public art installations throughout the Washington metropolitan area. Debra’s current body of work reflects her deep commitment to social justice, human rights and the pursuit of personal identity.

Viewing art is an act of intimacy. You give me a gift by allowing me into your safe space, and trust me to show you things that excite, compel or challenge you. This is a privilege and I do not take it for granted. I hope to give you something that resonates with your soul and seek to forge a bond between us, one that endures long after you have left the canvas.