A conceptual project entirely self-directed and self-produced by Alessandra Gervasio, these emotive photographs are ridden with meaning, both on an explicit and implicit level. Her self-portraits reconcile the introspection of the self with the discovery of the body, illustrating the effect that psychotherapy has had on her life.

‘Cambio di Stagione’ means wardrobe change in Italian and is further described as an extended metaphor in Alessandra’s research:

Undertaking a therapeutic path is equivalent to a wardrobe change: it's necessary to take your brain (the wardrobe), empty it of all your memories (your clothes) in a rough way, by throwing them on the ground. Once the clothes are scattered throughout the room there will be an initial moment of panic and overwhelm, but it is precisely this that will then give us the possibility of being able to take them one by one, fold them and put them in the closet in the way we think is more functional.

Stunningly warm orange lights strike the bare wall and equally shape her nude body, creating a moving atmosphere of discovery and freedom. Piles of everyday clothes are scattered across the bed with one single hanger dangling above. Here, the comparison between the emotive self and the wardrobe change is clearly portrayed, underlining the significance of Alessandra’s didactic title. Viewing this, the subject’s nudity is almost completely forgotten as we become more closely focused on her emotional development in the path of psychotherapeutic healing: the artist’s growing awareness for the malleability of identity and search for self-determination.

The captivating depth of Alessandra's art is reflective of her concentration towards everyday emotion. She explores the problems that undermine our empathy, pushing us to let go of those ego defense mechanisms that inhibit genuine conversation with others. By vulnerably showing her skin, a beautiful canvas painted by experience and familiarity, she solidifies the crucial function of vulnerability in a psychotherapeutic experience: accessing unconfronted memories, partially distorted desires and feelings in order to develop greater self-understanding and emotional partnership, striving towards positive personal growth.

Photographer, Creative Director and Model: Alessandra Gervasio / @fiakex

Writing: Naomi Townsend | ONLYCHILD Team/ @naomi.townsend, Alessandra Gervasio / @fiakex