Artists Profiles

Violet Rankin

A collection of various works created between Violet and her sister/model/muse Jayde. Photographer: Violet Rankin / @violetjillanephotoart Female Model: Jayde Rankin / @jaydeonfilm

Sogand Nobahar

Two brands “Nobahar Design Milano” from Italy and “Anita Anousheh” from Iran collaborated for Paris Fashion Week 2020 to create a unique and harmonic design to present on March 2020. The fashion designers used lion as the main symbol for their collection and the jewellery designer used the circular movement found in the architecture and Achaemenid lions for the earrings.…


Sketches of the artist of the LISANKA clothing brand for the design and creation of brand clothing collections. Fashion Designer: LISANKA / @thelisanka

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