This series of photographs includes a pollution mask made from recycled E-Waste. This is a comment upon our digital society; we are polluted by the screen, dictated by online identities and living through our iPhones. The obsession with data, the hold it has over our identities is like a pollutant, we must wear a mask! I created this piece after reading David Shenk’s text: ‘data smog, surviving the information glut’, which discusses the side effects of our digitally engrossed society, and how our bodies can come to terms with this. Although this book was written in 1997; it still has relevance for such considerations about digital footprints. Shenk suggests healing ourselves by consuming less and becoming aware of the effects of our addiction to consumption.

This piece would be suitable for reflecting upon how data has leaked into our tangible world and is here to stay. The E-Waste used is symbolic of the sea of data we leave behind and how society is continually updating – throwing out old data/technologies and entering into new cycles.

Artist: Issy Wharton / @issy.wharton /

“Issy is a photographer and filmmaker originally from Yorkshire in the north of England. She is a recent graduate from Goldsmiths, University of London and is currently based between Manchester and London. Her work often integrates physical pieces, which she makes out of recycled materials / found objects. Central to her work is the female body, which she positions in different environments.”