Fearlessly expressive and dynamically vibrant, Alice’s fashion photography tells a story of self expression and freedom. Uninhibited, the girl stands on the lush and budding grass, against an almost artificial azure sky tinted by white wispy clouds. She wears a bell-shaped fuschia dress that resembles a flower bud on the verge of blooming or perhaps some sort of Christmas ornament; there is undoubtedly an uplifting energy radiating off of her. Better yet, it is the captivating agency that she possesses which defines this energy — free-spirited, unrestricted and liberating.

Freedom runs through her veins and also sweeps across her hair. Whilst we don’t know what this freedom means to her, one thing is clear: it is a blissful and beautiful sensation. Freedom is malleable, personal and transformative in its definition. So… what does freedom mean to you?

Photographer: Alice Squires / @aliceathene

Fashion Designer: Abi Yerrill / @abi_fashiondesign

Model: Kate Squires / @_katesquires

Writing: Naomi Townsend (ONLYCHILD Team) / @naomi.townsend