Standing in an abundance of tropical palm leaves, the model faces away from the camera, dressed in a backless white silk dress with her hair neatly swept across one shoulder. The entire series is vaguely saturated — the leaves carry a dark green color, dynamically contrasting and crowding the bright, almost-reflective white dress. Most of her back is exposed, adding a delicate beige hue to the photograph, but her face is never seen, conjuring an atmosphere of mystery.  

Exploring the sense of isolation intertwined with intimacy, Cristofher Micolos' photographs strikingly captures human vulnerability. In the further observations,  viewers are innately fixated by the facelessness of the subject, attempting to discover any sense of emotion and story through the subtlety of body language. In the three closer observations, the interlinked hands are magnified to depict three separate gestures: all soft, dreamlike and even sensual. The two hands are in coversation with one another and each photograph seem to act as a chapter to an abstract story.

Whilst the narrative of this story will always remain undefined as it is interpreted disparately by you as it is to me, the theme of intimacy remains the same. Ultimately, it is the juxtaposition between the solititude of the singular model and the company of the interlinked hands that crystallizes a distinct vulnerability.  

Photographer: Cristofher Miclos / @micloss

Model: Victoria Arroyo / @victoriarroyo_

Makeup Artist: Fengari Makeup / @fengarimakeup

Wardrobe Stylist: Crisdalis Duarte / @crisdalisduarte  

Mother Agency: JTManagement

Wardrobe Credits: @indihra.saavedra