Minimalistic and oversized — a recipe that never goes wrong. With autumn right around the corner, get ready to wave goodbye to floral patterned prints and hello to simple, structured garments that scream chic, clean and comfort. In this collection, British clothing brand Lunaticusse finds a beautiful way of exploring neutral colors, alluding to their inspiration: the grandeur of the Moon and the allure of the night. Hues of grey dominate a noticeably overexposed room, ample amounts of light frame the model's silhouette and paint angular shapes on the wall. Showing effortless daily wear you'd be happy to leave on all day, these pieces are the perfect solution to those much-too-tight pencil skirts one wears to the office. The beautiful structural details cannot go unnoticed, precise pleats and ribbed cotton, it is this subtlety that projects elegance. As they always say, less is more.

Creative Director/Fashion Designer: Lunaticusse /@lunaticusse

Photographer: Lula Smaranda / @smarandalula

Model: Jadeszko Paula / @kolorowomalinowo