'Photography is like hypnosis. You never know how long your eyes will linger.'

The title of this piece astutely captures its spellbinding quality. Anastasia Fahertdinova's use of color, camera angle, styling, and lighting combine to create an ambience of the enchanting.

Perhaps the most initially striking aspect of this work is its bold use of color. Deep reds begin in the upper left-hand corner and diffuse across the image to lighter orange and yellow shades, imploring the viewer's eye to rove. The bright white, whilst containing pink undertones which allow it to blend cohesively, provides a striking punctum in the image's center. It draws attention to the model's face whilst also forming a line adjacent to that which is created by the direction of flow of the other colors.

The styling in this piece is equally noteworthy. Aside from its effects previously mentioned, the decision to clothe the model in white brings out both her dark features and striking makeup. The organic shape of her collar at once adds an organic dimension to the composition through its rounded shapes and also perpetuates the ethereality. The model's youth is made obvious through the choice of white and her headdress is futuristic.

An intense sense of movement can be felt in the work through the blurriness of the model's surroundings. The fact that there is no discernible background other than a blur contributes to the visual interest, whilst also emphasising the comparative stillness of the model, once again creating her as the center of the work. Furthermore, the previously mentioned crisscrossing lines in this piece created by colour add another dimension of movement. However, despite this sense of movement, the anchor that is created by the model prevents the work from being unsettling, instead allowing the viewer to focus on her.

This work is both stimulating and creative, the model gazes out inviting the viewer into her world of 'hypnosis'.

Photographer: Anastasia Fahertdinova / @stasya_fah

Makeup Artist: Nailya Salyakhova / @Nailyashaa_

Model: Zatula Poly / @p_o_l_i_n_a277