JUS10H University pays homage to FASHION EDUCATION! 

This collection and slogan was created to promote fashion awareness around the world. 

There are no rules in fashion. Confidence is key! The more you know, the more you can create and become an original. 

All garments are hand tailored and designed by Justin Haynes.

Designer/Tailor: Justin Haynes / @jus10hisfashion
Brand: JUS10H

Photographer: Jung Yoong Kang / @daneytheman

Assistant Photographer: Seung Heon Lee / @seung.interior

Model: Vanessa Marie Carlson / @vanxssamarie
Model: Jonathan Powell / @powellogy101
Model: Stewella Daville / @iamstewelladaville
Model: Curtis K Williams / @curtis_k_Williams