In this photo series, the boundary between animals we use and animals we love is blurred, inviting the viewer to assess their relationship with creatures around them. The styling of these pieces is overwhelmingly natural tones, in keeping with the farm scenery. The effect of the direct involvement of the farm with the model further emphasises the aim of reducing the lines of demarcation between us and animals. There is also a distinct feeling of youth through the inclusion of a baby, whose introduction again reduces the differences people and animals because the child is held and pictured in much the same way as the farmlife.

Photographer: Yael Bar Cohen / @yael.bc

Event Planner: Keren Or Farm / @kerenorfarm

Model: Yuval Gonen / @yuvalgonen

Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Yirma Tal / @yirmatal

Wardrobe Stylist: Shirel Cohen / @shirelllco

Model: Luna Peer Dover / @morslayer