She spent her days following her usual routine, minute by minute.

She wandered here and there in the big old house, nonstop.

The bright colors of her clothes contrasted with the monochromatic walls,

The white doors made her deep gaze stand out.

Lunch and then dinner, and everything was repeated systematically.

She poured her last drink, leaned to the floor,

and stood still to hear the friendly noise of silence.

Photographer: Irina Kiseleva /

Retoucher: Eugene Morash / @eugene.retoucher

Make-up Artist: Katya Trapsh / @katya_trapsh

Hair Stylist: Daria Chepurnykh / @drsmll

Wardrobe stylist: Anastasia Petrova /@anasttasia_petrova

Model: Tamara Yaroshenko / @tamarashenk_

Agency: @Aurora Model Management (St. Petersburg )

Wryting: Giorgia Giannini | ONLYCHILD Team / @giannini.giorgia