Bright colours make the carefree attitude of these images palpable. Superlative shapes in the clothing of the models make them childlike, catering to the fantastical element of the works. There is an element of androgyny in the models, purposely introduced by Iakovleva and which appeals to a sense of youth unencumbered by societal gender norms. The repeated kite motif also speaks to a sense of childhood, adding an obvious element of the playful and inviting the viewer to reminisce about their own childhood.

Wardrobe Stylist/Fashion Designer: Tatiana Iakovleva / @tania.lad00

Photographer: Маргарита Смагина / @smaginamargarita

Female Model: Alisa Verhovskaya / @verybad_trip

Makeup Artist: Kurkubet Natali / @kurkubetnatali

Female Model: effie / @effyslbzh