This series of works is dedicated to the triumph of youth and the versatility of human personalities.

Photographer Mila Sidorova states, "I photographed, on film camera, boys and girls who were embarrassed to be in front of the camera. But after an attentive conversation and walking around our hometown Moscow, they opened up and showed their real beauty and sincerity."

"I am deeply inspired by the power of youth and carelessness. We are all living some of the best years of our lives right now: we can do anything, travel, meet new people, discover something new every day and not be afraid of tomorrow. We are creating the future right now. Each of us is a tiny part in the vast diversity of humanity and it's wonderful!"

Dasha likes to dress stylishly, read books on various topics, drink wine and spend bohemian evenings at the dacha. You can talk to her about art, and then laugh for half an hour with the stupidest jokes. You can go to the theater for a classic play, and then drink cider in the nearest courtyard. It combines many opposites, each of which is unforgettable.
Sasha is professionally engaged in swimming, loves everything related to cars, and also has a rare ability - he knows how to listen to the interlocutor. This photo was taken on our second shoot, right before I left for Italy. At first Sasha was shy, he didn't know how to pose. At some point I said that it was at this point that the sunlight magically falls on his figure. He took off his T-shirt and started doing exercises for swimmers. All I had to do was catch the moment on camera.
During the shooting, we wandered around the city for a long time, talking about what Dasha is interested in, what she dreams about, which things she finds attractive and which are not. We talked about the versatility of her personality and now - one of the facets has opened the veil of mystery. Here Dasha is romantic, dreamy, slightly tired. She went out on a picnic after a working day at a language school to meet the beginning of July surrounded by flowers and her favorite fruits, once again re-read the book "Gone with the Wind" dear to her heart and fully enjoy the golden sun slowly sinking below the horizon.
Openness to something new, unknown, a sincere smile in a youthful way. 
Nastya herself said the best thing about this picture: "After the shooting, I felt calm, which is very important, I didn't worry. I also felt happy and joyful and I really wanted to repeat it."
Alyona is engaged in psychoactivism, understands feminism and is surprisingly sensitive to catching people's emotions in photographs. She is a very strong girl who has coped with many challenges in her life. At the same time, she is not afraid to be gentle, vulnerable, sensitive. This girl is the perfect model, because she is always ready for any crazy ideas of the photographer. She knows how to inspire, she knows how to love, and her life is pure creativity.

Photographer: Mila Sidorova / @lemonchellla

Models: Daria Sorokina / @daria.sorokinaaa

                   Alexander Mizin / @mizinalexander

                   Daria Gorshkova / @why.daria

                   Arseniy Balakhnov / @potomsmeniuokda

                   Veronika Sidorova / @ro___nyy

                   Artem Kozyrev / @jamoso_

                  Анастасия Авдеева / @anastasiii_aa

                  Alena Agadzhikova / @alenasnimaet