A photo-narrative series that focuses on a man’s connection with nature, Seigar has truly found a way to tell tales with his camera. In a new exploration of documenting identity, he submitted this work as a participant of Mister Canarias Online, a local male beauty contest with a beautifully inclusive approach. The images capture raw artistry, intimacy and authenticity — in a sense abandoning the typical traits that define toxic masculinity and, even better, embracing femininity.

Liberation is felt in these photographs, a willingness to surrender to the natural world and to relinquish the traditional masculine ideologies of society. There is no machismo in this man, no emphasis on physical strength. Instead, only a more admirable strength prevails — a vulnerable deconstructing of a belief system that is ingrained in our society, transforming these inherently deep patterns and reframing these false beliefs by tapping into a man’s inner feminine side, accessing a greater ability to listen, to empathize, to feel: to be unthreatened by emotion. Viewing Seigar’s series is like reading an inspiring story, we come away transformed, we come away bolder, we come away more perceptive and more courageous.

Photographer and Creative Director: Seigar / @jseigar

Model: Victor / @themaneofthelion

Online inclusivity beauty contest: Mister Canarias Online / @mrcanarion

Writing: Naomi Townsend | ONLYCHILD Team/ @naomi.townsend, Seigar / @jseigar