Vibrant, vivid colors create a playfulness in this series which is mirrored in its title: 'Opulence'. Not only does the intensity of the colours create a sense of vigour here, but the accessories and clothes, as well as the languid poses of the model, seem designed to point to this superfluity. In particular, some of the images are dominated by one colour (specifically purple or red) creating a headiness which involves the viewer to the extent of enveloping them in a whimsical fantasy. There is also a sense of androgyny in the outfits, which removes any sense of frigidity and allows the photos to seem purely devoted to their artistic meaning rather than any societal boundaries.

Wardrobe Stylist/Makeup Artist: Mitizi Carbajal / @mitzicarbajalr

Photographer: Jenny Herrera / @jennh95

Model: Valentin Morales / @valentin_moraa