The color blue is the true inspiration for Monika Madach, the fashion designer for this shoot, as the contrast speaks volumes. It's a color that associates with both positive and negative emotions: one can be lit up by a blue, sunny day, or on a bad day, feel down and blue.

For Madach, this is evidence that we have autonomy over how we choose to live our lives. Just as with the color blue, we have a choice to see life in a positive or negative light. At times, when melancholy hits, it might be difficult to read into the positive meaning. But the choice is ultimately in our hands.

In this series, Madach uses "blue" to symbolize self-expression.


Photographer: Silvia Leitmannová / @silvialeitmannova

Alexandra R @mix_model_management / @rusinakovaaaa &
Nina L @heriett_models_slovakia / @ninaloviskova &
Stanka H @mix_model_management / @stanka.hromadova &
Xenia L @heriett_models_slovakia / @_xenialapina

Fashion Designer: Monika Mandach / @mandach__

Makeup Artist: Ivana Janigová / @_janigova

Hair Stylist: Natália Repkovská / @natalis_repkovska