This collection of photographs oozes both glamour and fun, marrying together fantasy and high fashion. In the first set, the model is wearing a bright fuschia gown, contrasting intensely with a grand, dark background. The interaction between the model and her surroundings makes the works dynamic; she lounges playfully on the piano. The second half is lighter and brighter, with notes of green in the surroundings effectively setting of the lighter pink tones of the outfit. The use of mesh in the second style heightens the fantasy, as well as ensuring the collection is cohesive as a whole because of its nod to the previous pieces. The playfulness is not lost throughout the series, with the styling, makeup and surroundings perpetuating an almost wonderland-like atmosphere.

Wardrobe Stylist/Makeup Artist:  Kseniya Pozdnyakova / @ksypiksy

Female Model: Anastasia Malyuganova / @im_timnasty

Photographer: Anastasia Udalova / @1704home

Fashion Designer: Olya White / @olyawhite_design