Vivid colors and bright shades,

Radiant fabrics and innocent face,

All this choking on plastic.

The strong and deep gaze hides in itself anger and disappointment,

The gaze of those who observe a world increasingly submerged by plastic.

She was trying to find small fragments of the planet, but nothing.

Just plastic.

Photographer: Юлия / @julya_zolotareva

Make-up artist & Hair-stylist: Valery Kosenkova /@Valeriyakosenkova

Stylist : Anna Darina /@Anna.darina

Assistant: Arina Romanova /@Arina_alexandrovna

Model: Elizabeth Killimbitova / @Cmg_chelyabinsk

Writing: Giorgia Giannini | ONLYCHILD Team / @giannini.giorgia