We doubt the reality that surrounds us, a world full of illusions and projections. We never lose hope to discern the true meaning in everything around us, which, like mirrors, reflects light and peace in themselves and in us, passing them on to our lips and hands.

Who to believe in a mirror or a river, because both reflect reality and both hide their true face behind?

This collection is a dialog with the world, full of contrasts. Its palette is filled with history and folklore, fairy-tale and reality, mystery, myth and opaque, freedom and madness, color and light, life, death, and synthesis.

This collection has the aim of saying all the things which are left unsaid by any inhabitant of any land. Alone or together.

Photographer: Ksenia Nikolaeva / @artograf_strany_durakow

Art Director: Ksenia Nikolaeva / @artograf_strany_durakow

Stylist: Ksenia Nikolaeva / @artograf_strany_durakow ,

Maria Veselova / @privetyavesmari  

Mixed Media Artist: Misha Priem / @mishapriem


Nikita Rekhov / @i.mowgli
Maria Veselova / @privetyavesmari
Timur Bodyakov / @tranqwheelity
Serafima Gulak / @serafimakunst
Denis Spiridonov / @darrell_whitehorse
Aleksandra Kalapyshina / @alekkksssaaa
Natalia Che / @nati_che

Writing: Giorgia Giannini (ONLYCHILD Team) / @giannini.giorgia , Ksenia Nikolaeva / @artograf_strany_durakow