Rossella (roh-sel-lah) est. 1995, is a photographer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles.

Originally from Italy, Rossella has been living in scattered locations across the globe since her teen years. She attended Columbia College Chicago where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Cinematography.

Rossella’s focus is on the individual and its relationship to the surrounding world. Throughout her still and motion picture work, she gives her perspective on social reality and cultural issues. Obsessed with clean lines and bold colors, She loves to capture subjects from a distance and privileges empty places, isolated characters and unusual beauty.

Rossella has had professional experience lensing multiple narrative shorts and music videos on a variety of different formats, including 16mm and 35mm film.

Rossella also wrote this bio, but speaks in the third person when she is trying to up the ante.

Photographer: Rossella Agostini / @rossella.agostini /