Overhead, the vast stretch of whitish cloud shuts out all the warmth of light in the sky. Below, the dark vegetation and a glimpse of a town is seen. Their meeting-line at the horizon was clearly marked. Entranced by her surroundings, the model is balletic in her movements, creating graceful silhouettes in a flowy white dress — serenity. Wind-swept dark hair frames pink-complexioned skin. Yet, as the breeze becomes a gust, her hair gets vigorously pulled in multiple directions, slashing across her face. Her balletic control in the initial photos has transformed into something else — something dynamic, vitalizing and invigorating. Whilst Izabella’s piece is titled ‘Silence’ and contains a magnitude of tranquility, we must acknowledge the turbulence within and the discord that unfolds — only best described with the oxymoron, loud silence.

Photographer: Izabella Borycka / @iborycka.photo

Model: Milena Grzybek / @milena_elenaa