Beautiful, an almost too-familiar adjective yet also an entirely ambiguous one. What you find beautiful differs from what I find beautiful, which also differs from what they find beautiful — an ever-changing concept that uniquely highlights the subjectiveness and divergence of human perspective.

Whilst, the canon of beauty has never been something absolute and immutable, it is most certainly something that shifts and warps through time, evolving within the context one lives in. ‘Something New’ explores the evolution of the concept of beauty in the Western World, unapologetically showcasing an authenticity to human division, appreciating a subjective and increasingly natural beauty, where ‘no gender is the protagonist.’

Two models pose in a vintage warehouse, adorned in colorful large accessories, wearing items of clothing that are separately modern yet somehow classic when put together — we cannot seem to place them in any era. They look unworldly, alien-like as they curiously explore the peculiar items in the warehouse. Emotionless expressions contrast with joyous ones, powerfully capturing the close relationship that beauty has with emotions, where striking aspects begin to excite us. Here, I am reminded of a term coined by Roland Barthes’, punctum. He defined this as the sensory, intensely subjective effect of a photograph on the viewer:

The punctum of a photograph is that accident which pricks me (but also bruises me, is poignant to me).

Each viewer observes poignant details differently and therefore we can assume that we appreciate physical characteristics differently. Therefore, for Stella Albertosi, the creative director of this series, punctum is closely related to beauty — beauty is what strikes the eye and makes it curious. There are no strict definitions to it, no race, no gender, no shape or form, no physical features — there are no boundaries to what is considered as beautiful.

And as for those beauty standards we hear about ever so much these days? Forget about them. Or, even better, I can think of another word beginning with F to express how I feel but we’ll have to keep that amongst ourselves…  Because ultimately, as Stella says, ‘Diversity is beauty, purity and truth’.

Creative Director and Wardrobe Stylist: Stella Albertosi / @stellamagenta

Photographer: Gloria Berberi / @gloriaberberi_ph

Models: Alessio Barbaro / @alexieybarbaroofficial, Ana Tacu / @anaxtaku

Makeup Artist: Elisabeth Giarola / @elisabethgiarola

Accessory Designers: Laninaaiferri / @lanina_ai_ferri, Phantom.duo / @phantom.duo, Giorgiachrochet / @giorgia_crochet

Model Management: Wanderwall Management / @ww_mgmt

Writing: Naomi Townsend | ONLYCHILD Team/ @naomi.townsend, Stella Albertosi / @stellamagenta