I know this isn’t typically the type of content that we post on here. But the recent coronavirus outbreak has been so devastating to such a large group of people around the world, around one of the most important holidays of the year. The effects of which reach beyond the realms of health, and especially abroad, in the Western world, we observe the effects in the form of xenophobia and racism.

We advocate for social activism. Especially activism through art. I think this video is exemplary for a successful multimedia production – combining poetry, cinematography, and film, bringing together large groups of people to achieve a translations in 10 languages, widely shared and disseminated around social media.

When something so sudden and so unimaginably terrifying happens, we find it hard to process what it feels like to be amidst of it. What does “quarantine” or “lockdown” mean and how does it look like? How does it affect the people of Wuhan? Here is a video that my parents and their team worked on translation for.

Please watch and share… Let’s come together to combat fake news that’s stirring up xenophobia and racial tensions in the Western world.